John McKee Scholarship Committee

The Estate of John McKee is governed by its Trustee, the incumbent Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput. The Trustee invests the fund and makes disbursements.

The McKee Scholarship Committee establishes the policies and criteria for these scholarships and interviews selected candidates each Spring to choose successful applicants’ awards made for the following Fall.

The following are the present court-appointed members of the Committee:

Captain Frank E. Falcone, USN (Ret.), Chairman
Honorable Theodore A. McKee
Prof. James H. Kelch, Jr.
Jason M. Budd
Paul J. Branson, USN (Ret.) (9/2/16)

Both the Trustee and the Committee serve without compensation.

The Court also appoints an Executive Secretary to administer the application process and scholarships for the Committee and the Trustee. The Executive Secretary to the McKee Scholarship Committee is Robert J. Stern, Esquire.  The Executive Secretary is the appropriate one to contact with questions about the process not already answered on this website. Be sure to consult the FAQs first before contacting the Executive Secretary as you will find the answers to almost all questions there.

George S. Forde, Jr., Esquire, the immediate past Executive Secretary to the McKee Scholarship Committee, died in 2011.  Click here for his obituary. Floyd Alston, a committee member for many years, died on September 24, 2012.  Click here for his obituary. Mr. Joseph L. Zazyczny, the immediate past Chairman, resigned in 2016 after decades of distinguished service to the Committee.  He died on March 26, 2020.  Click here for his obituary.

Counsel for the Committee is:

Russell J. Ressler, Esquire
Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
30 Valley Stream Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355
(484) 323-1346

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