September – Application period opens.

September to March 1st – receive and process applications for possible interviews. Note that incomplete applications will either not be scored or the applicant may score so badly as to not be chosen for an interview.  Be sure to answer all questions, even if the answer is negative or not applicable, and send all documents and the application as early as you can.  This way omissions may be noticed in time to be corrected.  Also try to take the SAT or ACT as early as you can; late January reports do not always get to us in time.  Be sure to file the FAFSA Application and send in the SAR to us as soon as you can.

January – fall term grade reports due from presently funded scholars. Please note that failure to timely provide a grade report at the end of each semester (or trimester, quarter, summer session, or similar school marking period) may result in termination of the scholarship and require pro rata return of the previous grant.

March 1st – Deadline for applications.

Late March  – selected applicants invited for interview.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 – Committee interviews selected applicants at the Union League.

Early May – announcement of awards for fall term and statements of understanding (acceptances) signed.

June – spring term grade reports due from presently funded scholars. See note above for January.

Late July– current funding checks are sent to schools for most students who are on a fall and spring semester cycle. Co-op students, and others may arrange a different date with us. Normally, two terms are funded as a matter of convenience but subject to refund as stated above and elsewhere.

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