The Scholarship

The Trust under Will of John McKee, through the McKee Scholarship Committee, offers scholarships for college to high school seniors who meet all of the following criteria:

(a) male, 18 years of age or younger, on March 1, 2022 (i.e., born after March 1, 2003);
(b) a senior in high school;
(c) planning to attend a four-year college full-time
(d) fatherless boy (i.e., a single parent/guardian household where the biological or adoptive father is actually dead or is missing) of any race; “missing” may also include permanently absent, dysfunctional, and not functioning as a father to the applicant;
(e) in need of financial assistance; and
(f) bona fide resident of the five-county Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia).

See the Application Page for instructions on how to apply.

When the applications and supporting documents are received (due by March 1st), they are reviewed and scored according to criteria established by the Committee. The highest scoring applicants are then selected to be interviewed by the Scholarship Committee in late April for grants to begin the following fall. See Schedule for more details.

College Scholarships
Scholarships are paid directly to the college or university, never to the individual, for a whole year (two or three grading periods, depending on the institution’s own plan). Any overpayment and all refunds and rebates (for unreported periods or unused funds) are to be returned to the Trust fund.

Under current policies of the McKee Scholarship Committee, scholarships are awarded in the following amounts, provided the student attends full time, remains in good standing, and files timely reports of all grades received in the course of his studies (these amounts are for scholarships awarded in 2017 and thereafter):

First Year        $4,000
Second Year        $5,000
Third Year        $6,500
Fourth (final) year        $8,000

(maximum total of $23,500 as of April 19, 2017).  Even though each grant covers two semesters or three trimesters, it is normally advanced as one sum for the whole year.  Adjustments may be made if the scholar completes college in less than four years or any other unusual circumstances.

Cooperative programs
Coop programs are accommodated within the McKee Scholarships.  The funding is based on the coop schedule, which may vary from the traditional semester/trimester basis.

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