Right now, we still have no real alumni organization, but, from time to time, men who have been part of the program have asked how they can keep in touch. This site is a step in that direction. So, please spread the word. Some who want to give back materially have made donations of appreciated securities and money.

We would like to hear from you. Let us know if you want to be listed here so others may contact you.

Click here if you want to sign our guest book.

linkedinOne of our “alums” has created a McKee Scholars group at LinkedIn as a place for you all to get to know and help each other. It’s not an official Committee activity but should be worth trying.

Let young men who may be eligible know about the program. Check to see if your high school is promoting the McKee Scholarship well enough. Helping others get help is another way of giving back in the tradition of Colonel McKee.

If you have a bent for such things, how about researching the McKee story in depth. You can start with the text and links on our “John McKee” page! We do not know enough about this generous Philadelphian. Contact the Executive Secretary for leads and to co-ordinate with others who are interested in the subject.

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